Labs consolidated

Posted by Christian Jung on Thu, Mar 28, 2019

Labs Situation

In the previous years I have done a number of labs during Red Hat events like Summit, Partner Conferences or Tech Exchange. These labs have always been hosted on GitHub or GitLab for everyone to review, provide feedback and execute on their own time.

Although GitLab and GitHub provide a decent experience when reading Markdown files, there is still room for improvement. For example I often missed a search feature which indexes all lab content.

New Web Site

I launched a new web site which provides access to all previous and future labs. It is also providing a search feature (top left corner) and is (IMHO) easier to read. All original content was left untouched and will not be deleted.

I also added a short link to the navigation bar on the top right of this page. Check out the new button “Labs” next to “About me”.

The Migration

Since I started to use Markdown with Hugo since a while back, it was relatively easy to migrate all existing content. I still spent some time for some formatting improvements, minor restructuring and fixed some typos.