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HiHo and thanks for visiting the blog of Christian Jung.

I joined Red Hat in December 2006 and started working through the ranks of consultancy. Since spring 2014 I am an EMEA Technical Specialist for CloudForms. In December 2019 I switched my focus from CloudForms to Ansible and was promoted to EMEA Principal Specialist Solution Architect.

 2- name: Christian Jung
 3  web: https://www.jung-christian.de
 4  Twitter: https://twitter.com/CJungCloud
 5  LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cjungcloud/
 6  eMail: jung@redhat.com
 7  facts:
 8    - nerd: everything Linux, Open Source, Software, …
 9    - redhatter: since 2006
10    - ansible: started 2016, full time since 2019
11    - fun_fact: spent two years living in Malta
12    - organizer: www.ansible-anwender.de
13    - demo_project: www.ansible-labs.de

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