Memory errors when provisioning VM from template in RHEV

Posted by cjung on Wed, Feb 10, 2016

If you’re provisioning from a template which is stored in RHEV, you might ran into the following error (found in evm.log):

1MIQ(MiqProvisionRedhat#<wbr></wbr>provision_error) [[Ovirt::Error]: [Cannot edit VM. Physical Memory Guaranteed cannot exceed Memory Size.]] encountered during phase [customize_destination]

This happens if the template is using more memory than your provisioned VM. For example, the template is using 4 GB of memory, but you’re trying to deploy a VM which is only using 2 GB.

When CloudForms sets the memory to 2 GB, it doesn’t adjust the amount of reserved memory while doing it. A template with 4 GB memory usually has about 2.7 GB of reserved memory - which is more than the amount of memory you try to allocate and hence the error.

The fix is quite simple: Modify the VM template and set the memory size in the template to 1 GB. This will make sure whatever value CloudForms tries to set during provisioning, will not be below the reserved memory size.