Consolidated Automate Domain to integrate CloudForms or ManageIQ with The Foreman

Register, Unregister, Install updates - all in one Domain

Posted by Christian Jung on Fri, Nov 10, 2017
In CloudForms, ManageIQ, Automate
Tags automate, the foreman

Purpose of this document

Over time I’ve been experimenting different ways on how to provide Automate code in a convenient and easy to use way. Some of the best practices and lessons learned are documented in the previous blog post on Best Practice recommendations for Automate and Continuous Integration with CloudForms or ManageIQ.

There are some specific needs though for providing Automate examples in blog posts like this.

  • pluggable: allow users to choose and import only the Automate pieces they need
  • isolation: make sure there are no dependencies between Automate Domains
  • conflict: while ensuring that no two Automate Domains conflict or override each other

I’m still trying to find the best solution. My current approach is to split my Automate Code into logical modules.